Life Cycle of Stars

All stars undergo a series of major changes during their lifetimes. Using the sites listed on this page answer these questions:

  1. How do stars form?
  2. What is a nebula?
  3. What is the main sequence?
  4. How do stars produce different elements?
  5. What will happen to our Sun?
  6. Explain what happens to Stars that have a mass 8 to 20 times larger than the sun. What happens at the end of their life cycles? Why does this not happen to smaller stars?


Stellar Evolution Simulation This simulation lets you see how the mass of a star effects how long its lifecycle will last. It also allows you to explore the temperature/luminosity relationship.

Stellar Evolution This Wikipedia entry has an excellent diagram of the Sunís Life Cycle. It outlines clearly the life cycle of low-mass, mid-sized, and massive stars!

How the Sun Works Explains different aspects of how the Sun works.

Stars A detailed article about stars.


The Horsehead Nebula In Orion

Supernova Remnant

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