Astronomy General Interest Books

These books are for people who love learning about the new and fascinating science of Astronomy!

Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries This book is made up of 42 essays about various subjects in Astronomy. It is engaging and humorous. It is a fantastic book to read all at once or pick up once and awhile and read a section!

The Universe in a Nutshell This book is mind-blowing! Hawking does an amazing job of explaining how the universe works! This book is full of color illustrations!

The History of Astronomy This extraordinary book traces humans' interaction with the endless wonders of the night sky. The authors, both expert astronomers, researched 29 locations worldwide, from Beijing's ancient observatory to the observatory in Puerto Rico that searches for alien radio signals. They also interviewed 26 of the world's most esteemed astronomers, including Stephen Hawking.

Deep Space Pretty Pictures! I love this book. Sometimes I just stare at it for hours! It is full of huge, amazing pictures! It is also full of great information about why we know what we know!

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