The Sun

The Sun is an extremely large bundle of gas more than 100 times the diameter of the Earth and more than 300,000 times more massive. [1] To get an idea of the size compared to Earth, picture the Sun the size of a Volleyball, the Earth the size of a pinhead, and Jupiter the size of a nickel! [1] The Sun is large! But then again, there are many things in space way bigger than the Sun! Check out this video to see a comparison of sizes!

Video: Size comparison of Planets and Stars

The Sun's Atmosphere

Question: Describe the properties of each layer of the Sun's atmosphere.

Photosphere Information about the Sun's Photosphere

Chromosphere Information about the Sun's Chromosphere

Picture of the Sun's Chromosphere
This is an interesting picture because you can actually see Mercury eclipsing the Sun! This also lets you see how big the Sun is compared to Mercury!

Corona Information about the Sun's Corona

The Sun's Corona: Introduction A good explanation of the Sun's Corona.

Picture showing the Sun's Corona
This is taking place during a total solar eclipse.

Another excellent photo displaying the Sun's Corona


[1]Arny, Thomas T. (2006) Explorations: An Introduction to Astronomy, Fourth Edition , The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. pp5-6, ISBN 0-07-302580-1.

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