Cool Photos of Galaxies!

Check out these amazing pictures of Galaxies!

The Andromeda Galaxy M31: This is closest galaxy to the Milky Way! It is an estimated 2.5 Million Light Years away! Remember how fast light travels?

The Whale Galaxy: This galaxy is 25 million light-years away.

The Pinwheel Galaxy M101: This is a very large galaxy. Examine the detail of the spiral arms!

NGC 1097: Spiral Galaxy with a Central Eye

The Sombrero Galaxy: Famous for its broad ring of obscuring dust that gives it a hat-like appearance.

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field: How many galaxies can you see in this picture? This is one of the most amazing pictures ever taken. The Hubble left its exposure on for three months staring at the same spot in the sky. What it found was amazing! Every single point of light was its own galaxy!

NGC 7771 Group: This group of galaxies lie almost 200 million light-years away!

The Needle Galaxy (NGC 4565): This galaxy is neat because it is similar to are own Milky Way Galaxy BUT, it is really far away, and it appears edge on. Just think, this is what our galaxy might look like if there were aliens on the Needle Galaxy looking at us!

M81 vs M82: These huge galaxies are bound to each other gravitationally!

Different Types of Galaxies: Look at some of the different shapes and sizes of galaxies.


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The warped Milky Way. Image credit:NASA/APOD

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