Guide to Buying Telescopes

Guide to becoming a Backyard Astronomer!

Like mentioned earlier, bigger does not mean better when it comes to buying your first telescope. I found this article helpful when I was purchasing my first telescope. What you need to know before buying a telescope

Article: Buying a Telescope This is an article from about what to consider when purchasing a telescope.

Three Great Options!

It is really important to shop around and get advice when buying a telescope. Here are two different options on different sides of the price spectrum.

Option 1: This is an amazing telescope considering the price. Only $34!!!!!. It's hard to believe the price! Good enough to see details on the moon and planets such as Jupiter and Saturn! Great for kids or travelling!

Option 2: This is a great mid-range scope. It is a 'go-to scope' so it will find the planets and deep sky objects for you! It's also very easy to set up.

Option 3: This is a big fat high end telescope! The 8 inch diameter will allow you to see lots of faint galaxies!!! It's also a 'go-to' scope.

Never Stop Exploring!!!